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Partial Portfolio

This is a partial portfolio of some of my past work. I’m working on adding more, however it gets time consuming! This should give you a good solid overview to start with. – C

Sample- Non-Profit VA Web Copy Revamp

(This is a web copy revamp I did for a virtual assistant organization (Va for Non-Profits) catering to non-profits. I revamped several of the site pages!)

Sample- Therapist Web Copy Revamp

(This is a web copy revamp of a mental health therapist’s website (Melissa Hargrave) in preparation for her new design and layout.)

Sample- Web Designer Web Copy Revamp

(This is another recent web copy revamp of web designer Mel Connolly’s site.) (EmTwoWebStudios)

Sample- Series of Smalls for Beauty Line

(This is a series of small pieces I did for a beauty care line still in the process of getting going. Shown here is 1 product description, 1 of 5 blog posts, and 1 press release in prep for their launch.)

Sample- Referral Request Form

(This is a business style letter requesting referrals I wrote up for a client.)

Sample- Rates Sheet for Business

(This is another business style letter detailing rates for the same client.)

Sample- Raising Rates Template

(This is another business style letter a client requested so she could send out a notice that her rates will be increasing.)

Sample- Promo Advertisement Copy

(This is a series of small adverts I did for a cosmetic surgery company.)

Sample- Pro Bio for Blog

(This is a bio I “ghosted” for a fellow blogger.)

These are links to blogs I’ve contributed to around the web. 


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Design Sponge

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Client Testimonials

Hire Cori for Your Next Project, Like… Now! ;)

“Omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!! You are freakin awesome!!!!!! Ok..let me try and compose myself…You rock Girl!!!! You hit it smack on the nail!” – Takisha Smith,

“The best compliment that I can pay Cori is to simply say that “she gets it”. She works extremely hard to capture the written “voice” that will define your business. Cori intuitively knows how to deliver your message in a voice that is both creative and effective. As a newly-minted small business owner, I rely heavily on both her counsel and her expertise. And on top of all of that, she’s hilarious!” – Marian Myers Rembert, Virtual Assistants for Non Profits

“Looking for a FAB copywriter? You must MUST MUST check out Cori Padgett – she’s genius!” – Best regards, Mel Connolly,

“Cori, I just wanted to let you know that I love the Disney articles you wrote for me. You did a great job! Most of the niche articles I’ve outsourced have been unusable, so I was admittedly a little skeptical since this was the first time I’ve used your service. Wow, was I surprised! Not only were the articles well written, but the price is a bargain compared to others who offer far less quality. I’ll be using you again for more projects in the future. Just wanted to say “thank you” for a job well done!” – Best regards, Jimmy D. Brown,

“Cori, Once again, I am absolutely elated with the articles you wrote for me! I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for producing such exceptional work! You’ve done such an excellent job of capturing the rather complicated Twitter marketing concept I was trying to convey, and translated it so well into lay language for our membership. You consistently pack a considerable amount information into the articles you produce for me that is accurate, incredibly well researched, relevant, and easy to follow. I often provide you with little more than a shoestring of information to start with, and you always produce such comprehensive material. Of course, of equal importance is that the work has been done not only on time, but consistently well ahead of schedule. Having worked with literally dozens of writers to date, I can state with confidence that quite frankly none of them measure up to your professionalism, creativity, promptness and courteous nature. be sure to reserve some space for me, because I have plenty more work to send your way. It is always such a pleasure to work with you, Cori, thank you!” – Warmest regards, Ron Davies, CEO-

“Cori is one of those writers that many marketers spend their careers searching for. In a profession that is full of unreliable writers, it’s refreshing to have found Cori. She’s prompt, detailed, and professional. What’s more, her writing is full of personality! If you want to move your readers and make sure you turn a great profit with the work you hire out…hire Cori! I’ve loved all the work she’s done for me, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work.” – Jenn Dize-

Cori is a remarkable wordsmith and she does a great job as an editor, polishing the final product to make it shine.” -Dr. Mosser- Scott W. Mosser, M.D.

“For fast, quality work that you’d be proud to have represent you and your business, you can’t go wrong with Cori!” – Willie Crawford-

“Cori is one of the best ghostwriters I ever worked with (and I worked with quite a few). Her work is super high-quality and she is very easy to get along with.” -Gabor Olah-

“Hey ya Cori, I read the articles, well thought out, well researched, very informative and engaging with definite personality. I was nodding all the way through, you drove home some great points and added things I hadn’t even thought of. Love the idea of making the old cellphone a toy. I’m pretty fussy with articles and I usually write my own but it’s not practical when you’re trying to grow your business. I must say I’m very impressed, I especially love the article titles, very clever, very catchy, way better than mine! Overall, awesome stuff Cori. I will be in touch for future writing projects. Thanks for the great work.”- Charann

” Cori, I was very pleased with the first article you provided and the effort you took to get my keyword phrases in and have the article still make sense. I look forward to you providing the next 29 articles and continuing our business relationship.”- Jim Carpenter

“Cori, I received the first article you wrote for me today. All I can say is your writing is top notch. I could tell you did your research. I tried a couple of other “professional” writing services and was very disappointed. What a pleasant surprise to finally find someone who puts their heart into their writing assignments. Put me down for 10 more articles!” And Also- ” Cori I am absolutely stunned! This may be one of the best intro pieces I have ever seen, and I mean that sincerely. You have really exceeded my expectations. This may be your calling Cori! Thanks so much.” – Don Goss

“As a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and mother of two, I’m quite the busy person. Occasionally, I don’t have the time or energy I need to write for myself and build passive income. Cori Padgett helps me bridge that gap, providing custom content that’s up to my high standards. I’ve been pleased with her quick turnaround and enthusiastic customer service, and have no problem recommending her to my fellow marketers. If you’re looking for quality content at an affordable rate, Cori’s your gal! Grab her now, while you can still afford to!” – Sandi Valentine

“Unlike other article writers who take your money and deliver the articles one or two weeks later, Cori keeps in constant contact and delivers each article as it’s finished. Allowing you to use it immediately or if there’s any problems get them sorted asap.”- Richard Paley

“Cori has worked with us in our new Software Marketing project and I can assure you that she’s 100 percent professional and reliable. The quality of her copy writing work is top notch. The copy is highly persuasive for the target market. Our conversion rates attest to the appeal of it to potential buyers.” – Ali Anjamparuthi Content Website Builder

“For anyone looking for articles – a quick review: Okay, I PM‘d with Cori about having two sets of articles written, one in a sensitive area to write about and one in an niche where there is zip in the way of other material around to get inspiration from or do a quick bit of research. Basically – gave her the hardest things to write I currently have ‘cos I didn’t want to! Cori responded to PMs and emails quickly, asking questions, always in a friendly and professional manner. 1st two 500 word articles hit my inbox within 24 hours. 3 more article followed 24 hours later. All the articles are written EXACTLY how I requested them to be – telling a story, painting a picture and with a large touch of laid back personality. Cori has obviosuly sat down and thought these through before starting writing. She’s not so much written articles but ‘crafted’ them instead. If you need articles, content – whatever written – you will not go wrong or be wasting your time or money if you hire Cori. Better get in fast though – I’ll have more going her way from now on!  - Rufus Steele (WarriorForum)

“HI, Cori Your article is TOP NOTCH !!! I absolutely LOVE it !!! You produce pure GOLD, mate !” – Tong

Eager for More?

Mosey on over to Big Girl Branding for the full roster of where I’ve guest blogged and to see more examples of my work.

My Story

I’m a freelance ghostwriter cum professional blogger, as well as a passionate entrepreneur, mother and (often flawed) Christ follower.

I help give brands a “voice” to engage their audience and bond with their customers.

I came online in 2008 on a quest to get out of the drudgery of cleaning vacation homes for a living, and (hopefully) find my way into doing something I’m passionate about.

Of course it should also be something that supports my family, and that allows me the freedom to live life on my (and God’s) terms.

Just so happens that passion became writing.

Thankfully I must have done something right along the way, because God has seen fit to bless me with all of the above and more.

Of course, it’s never easy, and anyone who tells you anything different should be ashamed of themselves. But experiences are what shape you in life and business, and you should be grateful for each and every one for making you into who you are today.

So… here I am, ever so grateful.

Now. Tell me how I can help you increase the value of YOUR business and give voice to your own story of gratitude…

Embrace technology and...

Shoot me an email.

I'd love to hear from you.

Your Story

Let’s bring it to life!

If you were to ask me specifically how I can do that, the kinda hum ho answer is that I write for you. Sounds bland right? Instead I prefer to think of what I do for you a little more succinctly:

You give me vision. I make it happen.

(Much more intriguing don’t you think?)

Now tell me…

  • What do your words say about your business?

  • Is your web content insanely useful?

  • Does your copy get results? Inspire action?

  • Are you speaking the right language for your “Right People”?

It’s a tall order to be sure. Most folks can’t quite get there without help. They hate to write or maybe downright suck at it (yes darlin’ truth hurts). Their words seem to fall just short of their vision, every time. Heck, sometimes they’re just too dang busy!

Whatever the scenario, that’s where I come in.

I take words and polish them into weapons. Their single mission? To help you grow your business, engage your audience, and cultivate your brand and “voice”.

To position what you offer as so insanely useful people will wonder where you’ve been all their lives.

And of course, add a bit of humor and flava if that’s your thang.

I’ve done work for a wide variety of clients including therapists, web designers, online marketers, nonprofit VA’s, and even a client or two in the beauty industry. (I’m nothing if not flex-y) 

I get excited at the variety of my clients and their projects because I’m passionate about learning new things.

You need someone with a natural knack for adapting to different niches, and capturing the tone and voice you envision. I rock at that.

I’ve also blogged on a number of high profile blogs while running my own modestly successful and seriously saucy blog Big Girl Branding just to keep things lively.

Ultimately when it comes to your brand, what you say and how you say it is what gets people off their arses and invested in you.

And invested means business and brand growth.

So let’s get epic and charm those investors. Word.

(FYI- our definition of epic can vary. Keeps things interesting. However every project is tailored around YOUR definition of epic with tiny hints of guidance from yours truly.)

Embrace technology and...

Shoot me an email.

I'd love to hear from you.